Hallo . . Hallo Bandung, Indonesia and World!!! especially readers of Catetan kang Rahmat (sob). How’s day? Any interesting experience yesterday? Lets Talk to me yeah! The comment section is yours.

Now, I wanna tell to you that I am thingking about concepts. Any body know what is concept? Yeps, lets we find out about that by internet literation.

About Concepts

In latin (1554 -60) concept described as conceptum, “something conceived”. In other description, Wikipedia describe that Concepts are fundamental building block of out thoughts and beliefs. Concepts play an importante role in all aspect of cognition. Concepts arise as abstractions or generalisations from experience; from the result of a transformation of existing ideas.

Concepts are used as formal tools or models in mathematics, computer science, database and artificial intelligence where the are sometimes called classes, schema or categories. In informal use the word concept often just means any idea.

Ideasthesia. According to the theory of ideasthesia or “sensing concepts”, activation of a concepts may be the main mechanism responsible for creation of phenomenal experience.

In Catetan kang Rahmat’s opinion, Concept is a key for many think in our life. If you don’t have bright concepts, you don’t get bright succes. How is concepts work? We must deep thingking, look around and feel by heart, and know what the our ultimate goals.

In the end of Catetan kang Rahmat, what is your ultimate goals in life? Can you share the concepts? Oke Sob, Keep Learning and Struggling!. Thank you.

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